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Bancoli operates in a tightly regulated industry, requiring a significant investment in compliance operations. “A significant percentage of Bancoli's prospective clients are denied an account because they cannot pass our stringent compliance review," says Bancoli co-founder and CEO Romeo Ju.

“Scaling compliance without Parcha would have required us to hire and train additional analysts.”
— Romeo Ju, CEO of Bancoli

Before Parcha, Bancoli’s salaried analysts spent thirty minutes per review, validating and verifying documentation, conducting online due diligence to determine the riskiness of each prospective business, and remediating the more complicated cases. “Before partnering with Parcha, growing headcount was the only way to scale onboarding — a costly and time-consuming option,” Ju explains.


Bancoli’s leadership team evaluated various specialized AI platforms but selected Parcha for its human-grade decision-making, extensive reach, and multi-lingual support.

“With Parcha, we can deny businesses that do not meet our BSA/AML requirements 90% faster, which gives us more time to focus on the customers we approve.”
— Romeo Ju, CEO of Bancoli

Parcha uses a combination of fraud detection, OCR, and AI to verify, translate, and validate business documents in more than sixty languages. More importantly, Parcha replicates the steps an analyst would undertake — evaluating adverse media like website and social media content, inbound and outbound links, and domain authority for each of Bancoli’s prospective customers. Detailed audit logs provide Bancoli’s analysts with complete transparency on approval and denial decisions in an easy-to-access format. 

Bancoli incorporated Parcha’s onboarding compliance review into their customer onboarding flow via Parcha’s API and custom-built integrations. The same reviews that took analysts thirty minutes to complete now take less than three minutes. Ju adds, “Parcha has transformed compliance for us. Today, our analysts simply verify the AI-driven decision-making that Parcha completes.” Ju continues, “Before Parcha, investing in growth marketing would have been irresponsible because we couldn’t scale our compliance processes fast enough to ensure a good customer experience. Today, we can dial our growth engine up or down,” says the CEO.


In the first month, Parcha’s product team shadowed Bancoli’s compliance analysts, immersing themselves in the unique challenges and nuances Bancoli’s team faced when manually reviewing applicants’ KYB documents. This hands-on approach ensured that Parcha’s automated workflows mirrored those of Bancoli’s analysts. Within 30 days of engaging with Parcha, an initial version of the automated workflow achieved 90% approval and denial accuracy based on backtesting 50 recent applicants.

By month two, Bancoli’s analysts were no longer initiating manual KYB reviews but shadowing Parcha’s automated compliance workflow. In weekly meetings, Bancoli’s analysts provided Parcha with feedback on accuracy, including various edge cases and remediation needs. This fine-tuning continued until the automated analyses achieved the agreed-upon benchmark of 95% accuracy.

In the final month, Parcha’s team partnered with Bancoli’s product and engineering teams to integrate the automation into Bancoli’s onboarding flow via API. Today, Bancoli’s analysts validate the AI agents’ KYB analysis — a 3-minute task.

Measurable Results

Parcha reduced the time to complete KYB reviews from 30 minutes per customer to 3 minutes — a 90% time savings. “With Parcha automatically declining ineligible businesses, our analysts can dedicate more time to the higher quality approved businesses that will grow with Bancoli,” Ju adds.

What's Next?

“Eight months ago, compliance kept me up at night. Parcha is invaluable because it has allowed me to focus on scaling the business.”
— Romeo Ju, CEO of Bancoli

Bancoli’s leadership team is eager to integrate more of Parcha’s operational AI capabilities directly into its customer onboarding. “We started with Parcha’s Know Your Business (KYB) solution because of how intensively manual our process has been,” says Ju. “We’re eager to continue integrating Parcha’s AI platform into Bancoli’s onboarding flow and expect additional operational efficiency from Parcha’s real-time documentation review and remediation capabilities.”

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