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Effortless KYB

Approve more customers faster with stronger compliance using AI.

Accelerate onboarding with AI-powered KYB

Compliance doesn't have to slow down your growth and create friction for your customers. Intelligently automate your KYB workflows and AML screening checks using Parcha so you can scale faster.
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Know Your Business Reviews

Verify business registration, ownership, website, business owners against trusted sources with human-level intelligence and expertise.
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Sanctions & Watchlist Screening

Quickly identify high risk business and individuals without wasting resources on reviewing false-positives.
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Business Due Diligence

Conduct thorough due diligence from open sources. Parcha's AI scours the web to verify self-attested information and provide detailed insights about the business and its counterparties.
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"We're excited to partner with Parcha to not only unlock the massive improvements that AI brings to the customer experience, but also to our operational efficiency."

– Michael Tannenbaum, COO & CFO of Brex

Why Parcha is different.

Parcha uses AI to re-imagine how KYB reviews are carried out by applying human-level intelligence to every step in the workflow in an automated and instantly scalable way.

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No manual reviews

Use Human-level expertise and judgement powered by AI to reduces the need for manual reviews.

Avoid false positives

Stop spending time reviewing false positive sanctions, watchlist and adverse media hits when most customers are not bad actors.

Onboard customers faster

Remediate open KYB cases by automatically engaging customers over chat and email in order to reach resolution.

Easily Configurable

Configure the whole KYB workflows and each screening check to match your businesses risk frameworks.

Integrates with existing tools

Our platform will work with the tools and vendors your human teams are already using.

Auditable decision making

Every thought, decision, and recommendation can be audited, analyzed, and improved.

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Built for enterprise customers.

The platform and language models that power our AI Agents are enterprise-ready from day one.

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Parcha is SOC 2 Type 1 compliant as evaluated by a third-party security auditor.

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Each customer gets a private instance with SSO and granular access controls.

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Our platform is deployable in your VPC with your own LLM for additional privacy.

We have been doing this for a while...

Our team has built AI-powered products at hyper-growth and enterprise companies.

Scale your compliance
& operations teams today.

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