Bancoli accelerates onboarding with Parcha
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It's time to accelerate

Banks and fintechs use Parcha's AI to onboard more customers faster, with stronger compliance.

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The AI suite that accelerates KYC/KYB reviews
Accelerate your compliance processes, reduce review times by up to 90%, and focus on growth with our cutting-edge AI-driven compliance suite.
Verify Incorporation Documents in over
60 languages
Extract information from documents identifying and validating the business name, incorporation date, address and more.
Verify complex
business ownership
Determine the individuals or entities with ownership in the business along with their percentage of ownership and number of shares.
Verify Physical Address with Documents
Authenticate business and/or individual’s address with a provided document and verify it’s a physical address not a P.O. Box.
Verify Government ID data for business owners
Analyze different forms of identification e.g. driver’s license or passport to verify the validity of the information provided by each individual and match it against business ownership data.
Carry out in-depth
online due diligence
Research a business’s online presence to determine it does, who its customers, what industry it is in and what countries it operates in.
Global Tax Identification Number Validation
Validate the format of Tax Identification Number in over 60 countries and verify against government database (US-only).
Automate Merchant Category Code
(MCC) selection
Classify the Merchant Category Code of a business by researching the activities, products, services, and more to match against the industry standard MCC lists.
Adverse Media without the false-positives
Intelligently identify and analyze adverse media articles about a business and its owners from multiple global sources.
Reduce exposure to
high risk countries
Cross-check a business’s online presence and activity against a list of blocked or high risk countries in order to comply with regulations.
Reduce exposure to
high risk industries
Determine if a business is operating in an industry that poses risk to your platform or is prohibited by partners or regulators.
Eliminate sanctions & watchlist false-positives
Stop wasting time reviewing false positive sanctions and watchlist hits that prevent legitimate businesses from onboarding.
PEPs without the
Check individuals against the global PEP lists with intelligent matching filtering of false-positives.

Parcha makes compliance reviews 10X faster and cheaper

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“With Parcha, we can deny businesses that do not meet our BSA/AML requirements 90% faster, which gives us more time to focus on the customers we approve.”

— Romeo Ju, CEO of Bancoli

Crush your compliance queue with AI

Empower your business with faster, smarter, and more reliable compliance reviews that are completed in minutes and scale instantly.

Put case management
on autopilot

Automate the time consuming process of manually reviewing customers as they onboard.

Decisions on a manual review in minutes not days
Detailed and comprehensive audit logs of every check ran on the case
Status messages and alerts with detailed information for each check

Configure without code

Easily customize and configure compliance checks to match your risk policies and thresholds.

Over 15 out-of-the-box KYB & KYC checks to choose from
Configure each check to align to your custom policies
Create your workflows to complete a single compliance check or carry out a full review

Make smarter decisions with real-time analytics

Get real-time analytics on compliance outcomes across your portfolio—
so you can make better business decisions and run a more efficient KYB operation.

Spend less time on remediation

Automate remediation. Resolve cases faster, say goodbye to manual workflows, and minimize risk.

Generate personalized messages for your customers to request additional information and resolve any issues that might arise
Provide messages in the tone of your customer success team
Send your customer follow-up messages in your preferred channels e.g. email, Slack, Intercom, etc.

Get started fast with APIs & integrations

Our KYB APIs and integrations let you integrate Parcha—fast—with all your existing systems. Get up and running in days, not months.

Use your existing data collection tools with our schema
Leverage your current methods of customer communication
Robust API and webhooks to extend the Parcha functionality directly into your current systems and frontends
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"Parcha's unique KYB-tailored AI solution enables us to scale our CIP review process without needing to hire a large compliance team. Parcha gives us easy to use tools to automate verification of business registration and ownership documentation in multiple languages, easily adapting to new jurisdictions as we encounter them."

— Eric Weingarten, Chief Legal Officer & Chief Compliance Officer of

"We're excited to partner with Parcha to not only unlock the massive improvements that AI brings to the customer experience, but also to our operational efficiency."

– Michael Tannenbaum, COO & CFO of Brex

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“Parcha has quickly become an integral part of our onboarding processes. The intelligence Parcha surfaces make denials particularly fast, allowing us to invest our time and focus on the right accounts to onboard.”

— Romeo Ju, CEO of Bancoli

Trust and security is our highest priority
Parcha is built with enterprise-grade security, privacy and compliance.
We put guardrails and limitations on AI to make sure you are always in control.  
SOC 2 Type 2
Parcha is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant as evaluated by a third-party security auditor
You are always in control of how AI is used to carry out each step in your compliance workflow
Each customer gets a private instance with SSO and granular access controls

Start approving more customers faster, with stronger compliance

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