Accelerate financial innovation

We're to accelerate financial innovation by empowering cutting-edge banks and fintechs to efficiently onboard more customers faster with stronger compliance.

Before Parcha, we worked at Brex, the leading spend management platform for fast growing companies. One thing we realized early on was that Brex’s onboarding, compliance, risk management, and underwriting flows were inefficient. Despite more than 200 people working in this part of the company, there were still dozens of manual workflows involved. These workflows were time-consuming, repetitive (nobody liked them!) and a bottleneck to growth. Worst of all these manual processes created friction for the businesses that wanted to use Brex and in many cases prevented them from onboarding altogether. So we worked on automating some of those workflows—and grew the customer base 10X in a year. Now we’re building Parcha to help more financial innovators automate their compliance workflows, this time using AI.

We're building AI that gets real work done with the same level of human judgment and expertise as your existing team but ten times faster and cheaper. With Parcha, compliance no longer needs to be a bottleneck to growth, allowing banks and fintechs to reach more customers with their products and services.

Our vision is of a future where financial innovation is abundantly accessible.


AJ Asver

Co-founder & CEO

Miguel Ríos

Co-founder & CTO

John Baunach

Head of Product & Design

Dmytro Kovalchuk

Founding AI Engineer

Jon Johannemann

Founding AI Engineer

Samuel Rivera

Front-end Engineer

Builders from Brex, Coinbase, Google, and more...

Our team has built AI-powered products at hyper-growth and enterprise companies.


Garry Tan (President of YC)   ·   Guy Podjamy (Security Advisor and CEO of Snyk)
Amit Agarawal (President of Datadog)   ·   Ameet Patel (Enterprise advisor and Former CTO of Chase.com)
Henrique Dubugras, Michael Tanenbaum and Cosmin Nicolescu (Co-CEO, COO, and CTO of Brex)

Trust and security is our highest priority
Parcha is built with enterprise-grade security, privacy and compliance.
We put guardrails and limitations on AI to make sure you are always in control.  
SOC 2 Type 2
Parcha is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant as evaluated by a third-party security auditor
You are always in control of how AI is used to carry out each step in your compliance workflow
Each customer gets a private instance with SSO and granular access controls

Start approving more customers faster, with stronger compliance

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